30 August 2012

Hair Experiment Day 18

Ashley and me at the Mind Museum, Taguig.

  I now have to wash my hair with just water for a full month. Tuesday was the first day in this part of the 'no shampoo process'. It's kind of hard for those of us who don't have a shower in the bathroom because you really have to massage your scalp if you don't want the smell of sweat to stick. Especialy for us who take a bath after dance class... My scalp feels a little itchy but I read from Our Little Apartment that you can add tea tree oil. Experiment time!

  I'm really trying to live healthier. It's actually very fun and rewarding! It makes me happy to know that I am healthy and well because of my choices and discipline. It's very empowering. Kind of cheesy maybe, but it's really how I feel. And it feels great!

The Mind Museum. One of my fave parts of our trip.
  I get most of my organic fru-fru, like bodywash, from Human Nature. So glad that the Abreeza branch of Healthy Options has finally opened, Yogi tea is now more accessible, LoL ^_^ Puentespina Orchids in Agdao is also a great place to buy organic eggs, cheese, and the likes. They'r products are locally grown/made so that's plus points for me <3

  Contrary to her comment on my first post of this experiment, my mom did not join me in my adventure. I think she's satisfied with the not-so-chemically-infused shampoo in Human Nature.

With Lil' Bro <3
About one week after quitting shampoo.
No difference, if you ask me.
  Ta-ta for now, as Tigger would say, I'm excited to try out the tea tree oil! DO NOT hesitate to leave me a message on Facebook, send me a tweet, ask me on Tumblr, or leave a comment here :D

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