11 August 2012

Encantada Up Close

  BP performed Encantada one last time in Davao yesterday. I was able to catch them in rehearsal before the show started and made my first GIF out of the three lucky pics I took {you can see the GIF here}. I sat so near the stage but I did not take any photos during the performance because my phone's battery died... :( Also a bit discouraged by the quality of my last shots.

  The show started with an excerpt of a work which I was not able to catch the title of, sadly. I liked the music to this piece especially the pas de deux of Richardson Yadao and Carissa Adea. I was glad to see that people were watching from the second floor of the building, tells us that there is an audience for ballet here.
  Encantada was the final act. They danced the two numbers that I particularly enjoyed from Thursday's gala; the scene where they heal the Estranjero's wounds and the final hair flipping/shouting act ^_^ I can't stop singing/humming the songs! Is there an Encantada soundtrack???!!!

  I was kind of hoping that the company would still be here and that I'd see them in Locsin's this morning ^_^ But I think they left last night. I'm inspired ♡

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