10 August 2012

Encantada in Davao 2012


Encantada was just- Wow.

  Davao streets are pretty heavy with traffic nowadays. This is all because of the preparations and vacations for the Kadayawan festival. This season is unique to our city, and Davao alone. It's just fitting that Teacher Agnes brings Encantada here and now.

  I thought I was going to be late for this much awaited event, that I would  have to quietly creep in the theater while the show began, missing most of the exciting beginning. I went down ahead of the family and found my seat in the VIP 2 row {what a blessing!}. We were not late, yes... I learned something from the person sitting behind me; politicians get offended when you start without them. Well, I'd have to thank that politician for saving my nerves. The show started 15 minutes after I arrived...

Taken with Instagram
The simple stage and props.

An opening speech was delivered by Margie Moran, President of Ballet Philippines. 

  To have a band play Joey Ayala's music live was thrilling! Such interesting sounds combined with songstress Bayang Barrios' skilled vocals. Those bamboo instruments that seem to have been taken for granted as home decorations, they used them. The composer joked later on [after Mom told him he was a rock star] that he was a "wood-star". Al Santos composed the libereto which is in tagalog. People ought to propagate this kind of music more! Beautiful, beautiful...

With singer Bayang Barios and  Gian
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  Encantada is a work of emotions. It is the message of one who is inspired by her own message. Of  Teacher Agnes' works that I have seen, I don't think it is her best work choreographically {Even my non-dancer parents noticed the non-dance of the work}. But I think it is her most moving in terms of conveying her message.Encantada told a story.

  Set in the Spanish Colonial Era of the Philippines, it shows how the colonizers maltreated the locals and nature in turn. Act I starts with the Encantada, played by Carissa Adea, with the kababaihan [her female followers] in a sort of ritual or trance. I like how the dancers contributed to the music with clapping and shouting in dances of celebration.. I also liked the hair flipping.

'Hairflip Moment' in the last act
Taken with Instagram
  The Fraile and Guardia Civil, our story's villain and minions, were a memorable part of the performance. Their scary, mask-like makeup and head movements reminded me of 'Small House of Uncle Thomas' from Roger and Hammerstein's 'The King and I'. One of the Guardia Civil descended the stage and climbed onto empty seats. He got close enough to where I was but I wasn't able to take a photo. One kid screamed when he went up on the chair beside her ^_^

The Fraile and Guardia CivilTaken with Instagram

 At the end of the performance a standing ovation, curtain calls, and bouquets of flowers were offered to the EncantadaEstranjhero: danced by Jean Marc Cordero, the BabaylanKatherine Trofeo, and of course to the chorégraphe extraordinaire, Agnes Locsin. The audience went wild for the Frile played by Richardson Yadao.

  For those who apreciated and understood last night's performance it either brought tears to their eyes, or banana side-ways smiles on their lips. I myself could not help shouting "Teacher Agnes!!!!" when she joined the cast on-stage for the final bow.

  After the show was the usual fan-girling. Friends from RAD were there and we took photos on stage, with the cast and with the musicians.

the fan-girls with Joey Ayala

little sis and Joey Ayala

Saw a lot of friends and wonderful people last night.

EPIC fan-girl moment with Jean Marc Cordero.
Taken with Instagram
 Taken with Instagram

 Teacher Ces!!!! One of my first ballet teachers. I was so glad to see her. 
My favorite pic of my two teachers...
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  1. Teacher Agnes? She sounds familiar! :O buuut i heard the show Encantada. i didnt know that sali kayo at sila Gian. :O GALIIING! <3

  2. Hi Faye!!! No, me and Gian did not dance :) The dancers were from Manila pa ^_^