26 February 2012


  As a Roman Catholic of 14 years old, it's time I started fasting for this season. Good timing too because, on Wednesday, Teacher Agnes let me try on the skirt for my costume and it is t-i-g-h-t ! I don't know if I might have switched costumes with my other classmates or if Teacher Agnes is silently telling me to lose weight. Or at least, my tummy :|

  Our costumes are green skirts with belts. We have to find skin-tone tights and leotards... Hard :( The only skin-tone leos available here are either too dark, or the material too thin. My last skin tone tights got dilapidated, literally. They were actually just stockings :)

  I texted That's D Pointe Dance Shop this evening to see if they had any available, but they don't have the right size or color :(

  This afternoon, I went to ballet class. I thought Ballet 3 was going to have a rehearsal. Searching through my bag, I realized I did not bring any ballet shoes T_T M When Teacher Agnes saw me and Katrina (there were only two students who came, BTW, from Ballet 3), she told us to join the class since we were already there :|

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