05 October 2011

Walking To Ballet Class

 Quirino St.,Davao City. I walked underneath that building
to the left of the taxi. 
  I walked from Quirino Doctors Clinic to Locsin's! I guess that's less than a kilometer but its the first time I've ever walked in the street by myself!!! Yeah, LOL :P I love that part of town. Some buildings, like Locsin's, have been there since my grandma was a teenager. Others are really new and only opened this year. It's a busy but calm part of town, If you know what I mean. It's an urban jungle full of people, cars, and noise. But it's still got that old feel to it...
Mom needed to drop by the doctor's for my brother's check up and she asked me if I could  walk. I don't usually get chances like that. I'm not even allowed to go laag or outing with friends without my parents.  I hesitated at first but then I remember one of my friends walking from school to the mall to meet up with her mom. If this wasn't going to be my first time, then when? I clutched my ballet bag for more confidence and walked passed the mob of people waiting to cross the street. It felt liberating. I felt so at home. Davao is my home. What a milestone!
  When I got to Locsin's, I noticed that the studio on the first floor was fixed unusually, with table cloths and a barre draped with leaves in the middle of the stage. I entered through the back and saw one of my classmates. He told me that there was no class because it was Teacher Agnes' Birthday!!!
  Happy Birthday Teacher Agnes!!! :D

  LOL, hehe... Sigh, what a day! :D

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