01 October 2011

Random Week

DEEEEEEEP Exhale... I've been feeling very un-inspired and un-energized and tired... in short kapoy, Bisaya for tired :P Teacher Agnes hasn't been teaching though. She went to Manila to attend the funeral of Noordin Jumbalon, Ballet Philippines' Principal dancer.. I think :(
  It's funny how close the people are in this country's Ballet world. I mean, everyone knows everyone, more or less...
 Dance club was rather unproductive this week T_T We only had 4 students... Were think of not having formally taught classes... You know poeple will meet up and bring any dance they want with them be it Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap... Like in Step Up 3. We might get our old members back... But some students want me to continue teaching so I'm thinking that anyone, OK, anyone, can teach what ever new dance move they learned... Still thinking about it... :D

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