25 September 2011

Ballet, Airplanes, and a Ballerina Who Can Fly

 Hahaha I tried to get a picture of me doing a ballet pose beside one they called "The Queen of the Sky". It was os fail. Too blurry and I forgot to take off my glasses :P 

  The Pilot who guided us talked about the planes the way I talk about my pointe shoes! He called them "she," "Good girl" and those stuff!!!!
   I remember reading something that said your favourite movie will tell you something about what you'll be when you grow up. I guess my fave movie is still ballet shoes and you know what, the three sisters became a ballerina, an actress, and... A PILOT!!! <3 LOL hehe...
  Maybe it's true...
Yasmin Paige as Petrova in
"Ballet Shoes"

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