20 September 2011

What to Improve:

Zhong-Jing Fang
American Ballet Theatre
  Teacher Agnes talked to my mom. She said that I'm hard headed and that I should stop 'emoting' during class. "During class," she said, "you work to get the steps right before you project" or something like that. This was according to Mom. Now I understand... It's so ingrained in me to add feeling :P So much to unlearn...
  At the start of my classes in Locsin's Teacher Agnes told me I had to unlearn everything from before. Every time you move a school you have to unlearn what you learned from the previous one. There's this saying, I'm not sure if I remember it right it goes something like: "It is easier to fill an empty cup" It means that it's easier to teach someone who doesn't know anything, rather than someone who already knows a lot...
  I also have to work on memorizing steps... One of our classmates, who another classmate coined 'The Memory Card' was absent yesterday. And oh no, we were all just looking at each other hoping we could copy :S Memoriiiiizeee!!!
  After class yesterday, Teacher Sweet, the babies ballet teacher came up to me and gave me a few tips on the basics. I'm so grateful to her :D She told me to make my releves higher, to 'love the floor', and pull up more. She also helped me with my never ending problem of my por de bras back which I get more now :D
  LOL, my mom cut my hair the other day and its really short now. It only goes down like untill half my neck. It's kind of tricky to tie a bun... hehehe... there's a very tiny bun in the back of my head and my new bangs keep standing up :P

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