17 September 2011


Me, Teacher Ces, her daughter Noe, Teacher Agnes, and other Ballet teachers
in Royeca Ballet School during this years NAMCYA
  Amazing, you won''t believe what just happened, it was so last minute, spur of the moment. When I arrived at Royeca Ballet School to watch the NAMCYA 2011 regionals this morning, I had no intention of joining a class, I had no idea that there was even a class. Any way, when I got there I saw Teacher Agnes, my former Ballet teacher, Teacher Ces, and her daughter. Teacher Ces encouraged me to join the class. Since I had no things, I asked Dad to drive me home, ASAP. In less than 15 minutes we drove home, I changed, and drove back...

   I didn't get to bring the camera but Teacher Ces took some pictures. The class was taught by Ballet Philippines Ballet master Nonoy Froilan.
NAMCYA is short for National Music Competition for Young Artists. There were only five contestants for all of Mindanao, I think. Wow, five... I don't know, it seems too few...

   I guess I should bring leotards and tights wherever I go huh? hehehe Go Locsin's! I hope our contestant will make it to the nationals! :D

Nonoy Froilan and edna Vida in 'The Firebird'
 Ballet Philippines (date unknown)
Photo via: http://eclecticjournal.wordpress.com/

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  1. Sir steve was there! I miss you guys... I miss dancing! :)