01 September 2011

Dance Club… Finally!!!

  After two weeks, there’s finally something for me to look forward to on Fridays. Dance Club. It’s going to be the first meet up of the month tomorrow. Pat asked me if she could lead the class. A chance for her to establish her authority. And a chance for me to let go and enjoy, technically, my first Hip Hop class since I left LCBPAC. You can’t show off when you’re teaching, you see. It wastes time. And they will just stare, absorbing the shock rather than the steps :P
  Can’t wait to see how tomorrow will be like. I will be an assistant. The thing about being an assistant is that you can show off. This is because you’re supposed to help and, for me, inspire the students :D
  Hope I can blog about tomorrow :D Wish me, or better yet wish Pat, luck!

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