16 September 2011


  So, Dance Club. Today. We had to talk to the students about comitment and following the rules. I'm rather happy because I think they do like the club after all :D We had to send out these comittment letters because a lot of people were'nt comming to class, or not taking it seriously... One person backed out this week and majority of our Dance Club population havn't attended more than two classes since it started! :(
  Today's class went pretty well, though. We did Hip Hop. Eric taught most of the choreo part. During progression (when we form lines and travel forward doing steps) We taght them to do 4 pump walks and 4 counts of whatever they wanna do. These two boys did this flip thingy where they get up from the floor in a wave. I know its well known in Hip Hop but I'm forgetting the name right now :| FUN!!!
  Passion, I <3 it.
  Plus, our teacher wants us to perfom for Halloween. Were thinking of having a number for the whole dance club and another one for the teachers... Pat is thinking of dancing Jazz to Beggin'  by Madcon :D Theres also going to be a dance contest... They're thinking of making us judges :D So cool.

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