17 October 2012

It's Here!!!


  My new pointes arrived today!!! On Thursday last week, I e-mailed Danse Boite asking if they had Gaynor Mindens. I'm so happy that they actually have my (huge) size! It took some trouble though, ordering it, there was a little confusion but it was all sorted out on Monday of this week when they replied to my text, confirming the shipment of my shoes :)

  They feel so light! I'm so used to the "traditional" hard, bulky, over protected feel of pointe shoes that these GMs feel like nothing at all!

  I got a size 9.5, narrow, box 3, Extraflex shank. I was a bit torn between a supple and Extraflex but decided on the latter because it's supposedly a good choices for tall dancers. I did my research before buying :) Downloading the fitting guide of whatever brand of pointe shoe your getting really helps. They usually give it for free in their website. You can download the Gaynor Minden Fitting Guidelines Here.

  Sentimental post coming up soon... an In the Shoes write up on my Grishkos ♥
  Pointe class tonight!

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