27 October 2012

So, what's up?

  I might just be going through a long mental block but I feel like such an irresponsible blogger if I don't post! We have a long vacation of one week coming up, no ballet class at all. Hopefully a trip to the beach; one of my favorite getaway places :*>

  My mom sent me a link a few days ago and now it's one of my fave sites, Mind Body Green. Speaking of which, there's this blog widget, a list of links, that I've been thinking of adding a long time ago. I think I'll finally apply it to my blog and maybe change my look again. I'm sorry for you, my audience if it's irritating to have a blogger constantly making changes to their site, but that's how I roll. I'm the kind of person who thrives with change. Hopefully you guys who read me are after what I write and not very much how I look ;)

  I just feel the simplicity of my blog's look right now is too lonely :(

  I also feel like adding an About Me page. Finally I didn't get stuck trying to write about myself!

  P.S. Gaynor Mindens aren't as I expected them... No words...

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