08 October 2012

Buying New Pointes

Mom figuring out the Gaynor Minden tracing sheets at The POD.
Taken with Instagram.
  After pointe class one Wednesday, Ate Nikki asked me if my shoes were soft and said that I should change them as soon as possible. A few before, Teacher Agnes also told me that my Dear Grishkos are deformed. About time I got a new pair, and guess what I've decided on... Gaynor Mindens!

  I just got the email from the GM fitters about my fitting details earlier last week. I wanted to make sure that I got the right size because when buying Gaynor Mindens, you must get a shoe one size larger than your U.S. street shoe size. I'm an 8.5 and 9.5 sounds like a LARGE pointe shoe so I downloaded the tracing sheets as recommended by my Ballet Buddy Christine. But apparently, 9-9.5's the right size o.O

  I decided on GMs because, of course, of all the good reviews surrounding it. I also have never dance with toe pads and since Gaynors are already so cushioned by themselves, they might give me more comfort and I can forget pain... and ever buying pads if they make me happy. FACT: More people in Locsin's wear Gaynors than any brand of pointes.

  So I guess I'm gong to come up  with another In The Shoes post soon. My Grishkos have been really great, but we'll talk about that next time :D

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