14 October 2012

Milk Carton Cat {Recycled Halloween Deco}

  This is my first D.I.Y. ever, so bear with me :) This is a new addition to our recycled Halloween decorations. Milk Carton Cats!

Taken with Instagram.

Ok, so you'll need:
-Milk carton (cleaned and dried)
- Paper
- Crayons
- Scissors
- Embellishments (for eyes etc.)
- A little sister :P

We didn't have colored paper so we colored the paper! hehehe 

Next, we wrapped the milk carton in the (now colored) paper.

After completely wrapping the whole thing and trimming exes paper, we added embellishments. Here we used gem studs and curled strips of paper. You can also use googly eyes :)

* * *

I hope you enjoyed this :) 
Hopefully I'll make better tutorials in the future...
{With better photos}

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