20 October 2012

In The Shoes: Grishko

  If your traditional, get Grishkos. They last  f o r e v e r.

  I bought my second pair of pointes by texting That's D Pointe Dance Shop in Manila after my first pair gave up on me in two weeks. My first (and second) pointe recital was danced in these shoes which make them valuable in the market of sentiment...

  I think I chose Grishko among other brands because a) There was no other that had my size or b) I heard that they were Svetlana Zakharova's shoes. I quite forgot :(

© Kina De Mendoza
© Kina De Mendoza
  My Dear Grishkos lasted for more than one year. This is because they "fossilize". Somehow, if you don't use it for a long time, the glue in the shoe hardens, making it good as new! Credit for that info goes to R.A.D. Ballet Buddy Ingrid :) The shape of the shoe was also very foot-flattering, with a slight V in the vamp, and a long tapered look. Very Russian.
  Because of the shoe's hardness, I got a lot of blisters, also because I didn't have enough padding, causing hammertoes... This blister is the reason for the dark spot (which is blood) on the left shoe...

  This is also the shoe that me and a friend at LCB had a fight about. After a whole day of not talking to each other, I said sorry and she did too... 

  What I liked most about Grishko was it's box. I'm a fan of hard boxes, they give me some support, but are also rather heavy. The shank was good too, very pliable. This is probably the best shoe I've had so far, but I'm going to keep looking... 
© Jun Tupas
{Visit grishko.com}

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