13 October 2012

Something New

Poster from the Tuburan Institute's Facebook Page.
  So I had a little mix up with my last post regarding the 'visit from a Swiss contemporary company'. They are not, in fact a contemporary dance company but are educators in a form of movement called Eurythmy. As I understand, Eurythmy was developed by Rudolf Steiner and is a part of the Waldorf education system. The Tuburan Institute, a Steiner inspired school here in Davao, brought The Arte Nova Eurythmy Youth Ensemble here. 

  Their performance yesterday, entitled 'Transitions', was a great way to share the ideology behind the movement. it was held at the Davao Convention and Trade Center. The program started beautifully with an a capela of the Philippine National Anthem in which the whole audience joined in creating a wonderful harmony of people.
Tickets and programme from yesterday's show.
Taken with Instagram
  I had never seen movement as free and formless until then. They were so in time with the music yet so human. Ballet is inhuman. Ballet tries to look human in that  it tells a story and creates an atmosphere. But it only looks so because everyone else is moving like dancers, like ballerinas. This, I think, creates a ballet world by humans, that is not human. Ok, I'm sounding a bit wierdo now but, I do hope you get me :( I'm trying to compare the free-ness of Eurythmy with the straight lines of ballet.

  The program included numbers where the performers used flags, rods, and balls which they juggled. there was also an interpretation of Tchaikovsky's Main Theme from Swan Lake.

  Today, the performers visited Locsins to give a workshop on Eurythmy. It was all so organic and natural and not difficult at all, just like Yoga. It made me feel like I could move in any way, awkwardly, gracefully, and not be wrong. The movement accommodation that. It was quite an experience for us dancers who were always told how to do what properly.

  We were doing coordination exercises with fruit as balls and wooden and metal rods this morning. We were joined by other kids, mostly really little ones. I enjoyed the rod throwing the most! We had to find a partner and throw and catch the rods :) We were also taught that each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding movement and some people had their names interpreted!

  I think I'll teach my little siblings what I just learned :)

at DavCon with Mom , little sisters and lil' bro <3

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