07 February 2012

Prep Week

  Class this Monday was at 6:30p.m. Kuya Henry Taught. His steps were more complicated, with more turns. He made Ballet 3 go home early though :(
    Later, in the dressing room, Ate Niki, one of the Ballet 5 dancers, told us that there would be no class on Wednesday. No pointes at Saturday either :| Probably to make way for preparations for "Dahon"...
  I was looking forward to dancing this week... just bad timing I guess.
  Can't wait to watch "Dahon"! Don't forget about the contest I put up, heres a link for details: from Pointe to Pointe: Contest :D
  And my mom showed me this article written by Teacher Agnes' cousin, Michael Dakudao for the Mindanao Times: Dahon: Ikalawang Galaw (The Creative Process)... Can relate with the way he described Teacher Agnes' teaching :P
  Watched the finals of the Prix de Lausanne yesterday. Congratulations to all the prize winners! :D

Photo via Ballet News

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