04 February 2012

Teacher Agnes

  I watch as Teacher Agnes demonstrates the new barre exercises. At her age, she can still lift her leg up, straight, and long, with pointed feet, to 90 degrees. She points a long finger at a student, telling her off, correcting her. Then she walks back to her chair. "Ready" then starts the music.
  I often wonder how she was when she was young. No doubt her legs were very long and strong. So much more than now. Her feet beautifully arched, I think she was flexible too. I wish I could watch her dance. Or her mother, Carmen Dakudao, who she dedicates a lot of her works to.
  Recently, Teacher Agnes has been rehearsing her piece "Dahon" with her niece, internationally renowned dancer Georgette Sanchez. "Dahon", as I have mentioned time and again, is the sequel to "Ugat" which she choreographed on Ballet Philippines dancer Biag Gaongen. 
  As you can tell from the names of these two works, Teacher Agnes loves trees. Her garden in the ballet school is lush and well cared for. Signs warn little ballerinas not to pick the dainty flowers beside the swing.    Every time I walk through the the part of the garden that is shaded by, I think, a large Bougainvillea tree, there is a certain smell. I think I'll always remember that smell.
  Today I dance on pointe with no padding, masking tape or anything to protect my feet. Just stockings. Finally, I felt the pain I hadn't felt in a long time... I don't know why I miss pain, It sounds psycho, I know. My performance was not hindered though. Maybe I'll do it again, until I get a blister :| 

Here is a video of Agnes Locsin's "Archnida"

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