18 February 2012

Torture Session

  "You have to straighten your knees, Amber, It's very painful to see a bad habit so embedded in the system... It's like the corrupt government!"

  These were Teacher Agnes' words to me during our class this morning. For the first time since I started dancing in Locsin's, we did pirouettes on pointe. We also did the whole barre exercise en pointe today. "Do not let your energy drop." said Teacher Agnes, "Every time it drops, it's like a scar on the step. [When you dance this way] you look like a face with lots of scars and pimples" :| By the time Teacher Agnes started choreographing our part, my thighs were torturing me...

  Ballet has a different kind of tiredness. It's not like you'r so tired that you want to collapse like in sports it's more like you still want to dance but don't want to do it properly anymore... maybe it's just me being lazy :| I guess that's why my mom always says that dancers have higher stamina than long distance runners...

  The beginner's pointe class and Ballet 3 (my classes) are dancing the part of the faeries. I like our dance. I mean the one on ballet flats. We've got a lot of acting parts. The part of Oberon will be performed by a guest artist. I forgot to catch his name though... I really have to work on my arch, and my knees, and my hips, which go up during piques especially on the left :( Luckily, Teacher Agnes wants to make her dancers look good on stage so she assigned partners to those in Beg. pointes to support our arabesques and echapes. My partner is Inah :) I'm getting to know Inah better nowadays. Its so fun hehe.. since I'm not so good at sign language yet, we get to talk by writing or chatting.

  I guess today was a torture session not because I was tired, I wasn't. It was because I simply couldn't do it...

  Our 64th Annual Recital will be on March 11 (March 10 for Ballet 1A, 1C, and 2) featuring an adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. We will also be re-staging Dancing to Gershwin, which we performed last Christmas :) 

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