16 February 2012

Clumsy Moment @_@

  Wow! I've been so busy! This week has been e v e n t f u l! On Monday, Pat told me about this dance competition in Abreeza Mall this March. In that same day, we pooled all the school's reputed dancers and started planning. The crew members include the former instructors of the Dance Club, Pat, Erik, and me.
  After practicing for our dance, I rush down three floors to band practice. When there is no band practice, however, I go to ballet class in Locsins.
  I do this alongside studying, homework, projects etc. @_@ The surprising thing is... I like it! I'm actually enjoying my ka-busyhan... 
  This afternoon, during dance practice, one of the crew members, Alvaro, was working on the remix for the dance in Pat's laptop. I had to leave early for band so I pulled out the plug of my laptop's charger. In the process of doing that, I hit Pat's charger.Turns out that the battery's broken so she can't work without charging the computer... I hope you guessed what happened... yeah, the remix.. it... umm... T_T... A portion of the new parts (especially the really impressive transition Alvaro worked out) was deleted T_T And it's ALL MY FAULT!!!! No words...
  We all huddled together waiting for the computer to re-start... T_T Clumsy moment....GRRRRR!!!!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the files. I hope Pat immediately took action though. The battery is an essential part of the device, after all. Essential, meaning it should be present at all times. Some use their laptops while charging, but such a practice isn’t beneficial to the device.