23 June 2012

Tap starts now!

  Called Locsin's the other day. Tap classes have already stared and I can't wait to start making some noise!!!! Last year, tap was not included in the school year classes of Locsin's. It was just Ballet, which doesn't start until July this year. 

  Read about injury in The Ballet Companion. It's probably my fave part so far :P I'm applying ice on my foot and compressing it, following the instructions for treating Achilles Tendinitis. Also read about a back injury called Spondylolysis; supposedly caused by repetitive back bends... I'm not sure, though if that's what I have on my back :(  

  The Locsin Dance Workshop is offering classes on Tap, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. For inquiries call The Locsin's Dance Workshop at (63 82) 227-4753 
The Locsin's Dance Workshop 89 Elpidio Quirino Ave., Davao City 8000, Philippines 

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