09 November 2012

Time To Heal

  Aren't you supposed to feel better after resting!?

  Well during the vacation week, I went running with my dad almost everyday. I didn't like running before because I was always getting side stitches because of my breathing. After some research, I was able to run two rounds at Victoria Plaza though (my record) without having any side stitch so... I feel successful! Hehehe :D

  My foot started hurting the week before vacation time started. It got quite worse and I didn't know what to do. I tried not to cry during pointe class on Wednesday. A part of me wanted to quit ballet again! When my classmates saw me crying last night after class though, they were all so encouraging. Lois said that I shouldn't quit because I'm good, Christine suggested having my foot checked, and Teacher Sweet (whose babies ballet class I assisted in last summer) told me about dancing in a recital two weeks after she broke her foot.

  I guess this foot of mine just wants more rest. I think it would be prudent telling Teacher Agnes about it but (ok here goes) I'm scared. The exercise she taught me really helped my back but what an injurious person I would seem! I also don't see anything but rest for this foot anyway... + I'm not joining the recital again, but more on that soon...

  I've been alternating hot and cold compress and it seems to be working. I apply hot before dancing and ice after. It doesn't hurt in the morning, but as the day progresses, so does the pain.

  I should really asses how I react to these bad days. I guess I'm too-- passionate. I hear many say that that's  a good thing but, in my opinion, it could also mean being rash and impulsive. Take this week; after pointe class, I was lamenting about my foot and ballet, and wanting to quit, without thinking about anything positive at all! Without thinking that there is time to heal, and that I don't have to be too serious about ballet if I don't want it as a career anymore. The world's not gonna end.

  Just this evening, I thought to myself: 'I'll go to ballet tomorrow.' A pointe of my injured foot told me 'No'. Why should I compromise myself? It is an admirable thing to keep pushing on and have strong will but there is a difference, a big difference, between being strong and just (ugh) hurting yourself  

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