11 June 2012

My day is complete...

Me and my Grandmother, Momsey
after my Confirmation in Sta. Ana Church
  Yesterday was a milestone for me; I had my Confirmation. To complete my day, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Ballet Manila came to perform at the SM Annex. I watched with my Locsin's friends while Mom, Dad, my godparents, and immediate family, ate at a nearby restaurant.

  We arrived at 4 o' clock, not knowing that the show was at five -_- Worth the wait though, because me and Ballet Buddy Christine got to chat a little about ballet info we gathered from Eliza Gaynor-Minden's The Ballet Companion ^_^  I really have to thank Ballet Buddy, Zoe's, Mom for reserving the seats for the Locsin dancers.

  The last five minutes of waiting for a performance is really the one of the most eternal 5 minutes one waits for... The show opened with a tribal themed number (still danced en pointe) with Lisa Ballerina in a red unitard, adorned with various ethnic jewelry. I have a booklet of Ballet Manila with Lisa in this costume on the cover. It was given to me by Mr. Dante Perez (a member of BM's faculty) when I took class there last year. I don't know the title of the piece but if you do, please, please, comment :)

  It was followed by exerpts from another tribal themed work, Don Quixote, and two other colorful numbers. Lisa performed a Pavlova-ish Dying Swan which made the hair on my arms stand up (in a good way, ok). The last number was, I think, performed in honor of our Independence Day on June 12. The dancers were all wearing different kinds of national costumes, from terno style dresses to Malong inspired skirts, and waving Katipunan flags.

  I took a whole lot of photos so instead of posting it here, I'm posting it on FB. Just 'like' from Pointe to Pointe's page to see them :D Please do not expect high quality photos, just creatively edited ones... I did try my best ^_^

  After the whole performance, us Locsin Girls all tried to get a sneak peak back stage. Not everyone was allowed in, but we fangirls held our ground, waiting for the star! ^_^ Christine even brought her old pair of pointe shoes and a marker :D

  We waited at both sides of the dressing rooms, but when the Prima Ballerina finally emerged, she had to leave quickly to catch her plane. None of us were able to get a picture with her, or even ask her to autograph our shoes...

  The show inspired me. I always loved the Dying Swan... still do. I'm going to the chiropractor.

  I'm going to dance again.

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde dances Mikhael Fokine's The Dying Swan

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