04 June 2012

Pretty Pictures

     ummm... I had another dream last night O.o This time it wasn't too nightmarish. I dreamed that I was taking a ballet class. Yes! I was dancing. I kept waiting for the pain in my back to suddenly strike, but it didn't!!! I was so happy! Also, after the class, when we were all in the dressing room of Locsin's, All my classmates had sweets. And I ate a lot of it. I woke up with a soar throat and an aching ear :( Going to the doctor for that later on....
  Girl at a Clavier (me and sisters' music blog) is going really well ^_^ We have already posted some videos and I hope you guys can check it out... Thanks! 

  Anyway to get to the main pointe of the post (hahaha 'pointe' you get? hehehe... ok, corny) Seeing many pretty ballet pics feeds inspiration wonders :) Thanks to Brian Mengini and The Ballerina Project, inspiration has a lot to feed on :D

  I was so thrilled with the email I got by Brian M. from The Ballet Bag that I re-tweeted the post :) please

  Sigh, Ballet pics really make you wanna dance... especially when they have shades of pink in them! I know it's a really cliche ballet color but it just adds to the effect! And who can deny that Ballet and pink (or white) were made for each other? My main source is my Tumblr dashboard ^_^ I transferred most of what I downloaded to my phone, though, because my laptop is running out of memory :( #USB

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