27 June 2012

Tap Tuesday

  What a day! Yesterday morning we went 'Violin Hunting' for my sister Ashley. You can read about our 'adventure' in our shared blog; Girl at a Clavier.

  I made sure I was absolutely ready for my first tap class of the month! Before heading to Locsin's though, Mom and I passed by the dentist to fit my retainers. Yes, my braces are gone :) I can't stop smiling (hopefully this will make me more positive). It feels so different, but, unless you'v had braces half your life, no  one will really understand me. How I feel? #Finally!!!

  My  nervousness about getting late for tap was heightened by the weather. It was the kind that makes me feel that way; anxious and worrisome. The kind that makes you want to stay indoors at dusk but which produces a beautiful and cool night such as last night's :) The class that evening was fairly easy. We worked with slow music and basic steps ^_^ Gian asked me about my back and said I should visit school tomorrow'! LoL! I wish!

  Checked out the sched for ballet and found out that Pointe class doesn't start till August :)

  Woke up this morning with aching feet... Who would think tap could cause muscle pain  :(

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