02 July 2011

Missing Hip hop...

LCB Hip Hop Studio
    Boredom. My classmates are now in Hip hop finishing Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" by Kyle Hanagami  and Miki Emura. I miss LCB PAC, though I'm always laughed at in Hip hop. "Don't turn out!" "Hahaha, Amber, you don't look good dancing Hip hop," Aww, well I like Hip hop. The movement; so bouncy and energetic, and the music; upbeat and fun. But I really couldn't make myself look it.
  Had my first ballet class at the Locsin's Dance Workshop today. We left 30 minutes before time and arrived there early. But I was still late because I didn't know that my class was in the second floor. When I came up the rest of the class was already doing tendus. I felt almost intimidated with the other students but soon realized it was just the right level.

  Our instructor, Teacher Henry, is very particular about pull up.  Here in Locsin's I have to  relax my arms some more while in LCB, they tell me to put life into them. Two places so close to each other, already so different.

  Right now, I'm  concerned with my diet I have to cross-train. My body will still eat like I'm doing the intense everyday classes even though its just a mild thrice-a-week :D

  Looking forward to my next class hopefully I can take pictures around the studio. Another thing to look forward to is my audition in Ballet Manila... Excitement!

Summer 2011
P.S. We don't have pointe class until, probably, the end of the month. I'll try to practice at home. Though I heard its not safe.

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