09 July 2011

Top 5 Dream Roles 2011

 I know I'm crazy.. I like to imagine myself already a well renowned dancer and that imagining inspired me to write this. I wish some one, a choreographer, would make a role for me.... With lots of turns and extensions in the choreo... hahaha well, if your as crazy as me... Keep Dreaming!

  If I get to, these are the top 5 Ballets I would like to star in:

1. Manon. Role: Manon (lead)
  This is a beautiful work. It's elegant, fresh and I love the depth of the story. Manon wants everything. She wants money, but also, true love (kinda like me). In the end, she loses everything and dies in a swamp in the hands of her lover...

This is her solo:

And for the die hards:

2. Raymonda. Role: Raymonda (lead)
  I love how much control and fire the dancer must have to achieve the perfect Raymonda. Sometimes when it's danced too slowly she looks old (in my opinion)... + the music gets me all the time ;)
Please watch:

and for the obsessed:

3. Swan Lake. Role: Odette/ Odille (lead)
  Please do not tease me about Black Swan... I want this role because of its dual personality thing and how the choreography really plays a part in the story. It needs a good actress..

4. La Bayadere. Role: Nikiya
  I think this role needs a lot of intensity and at the same time grace... and I <3 back bends!

5. Giselle. Role: Giselle (lead)
Ahh, Giselle so beautiful and pure, gentle and sweet... I do love her innocence.

In the middle of the ballet she dies of a broken heart,
 Mad Scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_Dz3zgarUM&feature=related
And the story goes on with Giselle as a Willi (ghost):

 The message of this ballet is: Love is stronger than death...
<3 <3 <3

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