03 July 2011

To My Friends And Teachers...

LCBPAC  2011 Summer Showcase- ALIVE 
 My friends and teachers, thank you for your support, I love you all!!! You know guys I haven't gotten that far yet, there's no need to be too emotional. But still, I appreciate it.
  When I opened my Facebook today, I was surprised by all my notifications. Yesterday, I wrote:


My friends reacted to this saying things like:
  • where will you go amber?? :(
  • ai ui..amber..I'll miss you.
  • Amber :( you didn't even take time to say goodbye to me :((( haha! i'll see you around :* !
  • ambah!!! you didn't even say goodbye... :"(((
Then my ballet teacher said:

Hi Amber, Tcher Cecile here, wishing your dreams come true...continue your love for dance and stay as pretty as you are. We are just a text away :)

My Hip hop teacher:

Never give up ha. I'll be cheering you on.

Then the wall posts:

amber!!!! you didnt even tell me you were leaving! kahapon ko lang nalaman (I only found out yesterday). i was looking for you during tap class and they were like "nag quit na si amber" (amber quit) and i was like "?!?!??!?!...?!?!?!?" AMBERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you didnt even say goodbye :(


Amber, audition for PHSA, Philippine High School for the Arts. You could get a dance scholarship there. :)

I'm sorry about the part where I didn't say goodbye, I'll always remember you guys, and I hope you guys will always remember me!!!!

AMBER! I CANT LIVE WITHOUT SEEING YOU, it was boring cos you wernt there. imytoooosoooomuch you're mean man uyyyyy biglaan man pag alis mo, pajd when you lefti want there i wasn't there pjd pag alis mo* (I wasn't there when you left).

  I'm sorry for those who felt like my friend who wrote this, Hahaha, at least I know people like me :P

True friends will forever stay in the heart... <3

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