07 January 2013

...more thinking

  Ate Gigi called from Locsin's the other day. She asked if I would come back to dance, something to do with the next recital's costumes, she said. I told her that I won't be dancing this year. Not until the summer, perhaps. I still like dancing after all (performing especially).


  I have to start thinking about college now. Initially, I wanted to take Theater Arts at a college in Manila, but after some thinking (and researching) I now want to take Literature, something that will bring me close to Shakespeare and plays in general, before going of to drama school (RADA is currently the dream).

  I attended two acting classes in Pineapple while we were in London and the instructor, Adam, asked me if I was doing acting for fun or if I was really serious about it. I told him that I am pretty serious about getting into theatre and all and that I want to attend RADA. He gave some advice that I think will prove useful sooner or later. He said that there are many other good drama schools in London that are not as costly. And some of the teachers he had in the school he graduated from (which is now no more) also taught in RADA...

*  *  *

  I am such an obsessive person! Ever since the Hip Hop Shakespeare Workshop last July, ever since I got interested in acting, I've been seeing movies in a different way. I pay more attention to the actors' expressions and reactions to events rather than the movies' story :)

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