20 January 2013

Les Miserables :)

  My whole family has practically been waiting for Les Miserables since December. My Mom, I think, was the most enthusiastic person about it. She wanted to watch on the first day of screening! Initially, we could't because of her work schedule and that disappointed her quite a lot so we decided that we wouldn't rush it and watch in the weekend :)

  However, on the day of first screening, Mom calls from work and is like "OMG! No one came to my class! Let's go watch Les Mis." And suddenly not having any students attend your class was a good thing...

  So there we went rushing to watch Les Miserables. We bought more movie snacks than any movie we ever watched in the cinema before.

  I have to say, this movie followed the book more than the stage production. For one, Marius' grandfather was included, which I think is important because we know that Marius comes from somewhere, right?

  Though, an important part, in the book; Marius and Cosette had been meeting each other each night for quite some time but in the movie and musical, it showed no hints of that. Only one meeting (A Heart Full of Love) and then letters, which would be kind of creepy in real life.

  Also a movie adaptation of a musical always brings out the serious side of it. The movie portrayed 19th century Paris in a very realistic way while on stage it was more colorful.

  I know a lot of people have been saying that the live recording they used for the movie made it more "realistic" but not for me :( I think it was a bad idea. In the beginning, I expected to hear a big bang of music in the song 'Look Down' which, I think makes the whole thing more exciting. Instead, I got a very subtle introduction. The lack of loud, "exciting" music stripped the movie of the musical's magic...

Les Mis at Queen's Theatre, London

Les Mis at Queen's Theatre, London

With Dad and little sis, Ashley at Queen's Theatre, London.

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