17 January 2013


  I've been using this Chemistry program since it arrived last September. As you can tell from the name of the CD, this program is based on Creation Theory. It's very easy to use and I'm actually enjoying it :) The entire program is divided into 16 Modules which ideally take 36 weeks to finish. I'm still finishing the 3rd module right now, since my academics had to be postponed for our trip to London.

My supplies for the experiment

  The other night, I did an experiment called "Electrical Conductivity of Compounds Dissolved in Water." Basically, I did what every one says is very dangerous; let an electric current flow thru water. Fear not! The electric current was no more than a 9 volt battery so no, sadly, I did not create an explosion of epic proportions -_-

BUT! The highlight: The ends of the wires that were in the water were sizzling! I felt successful. Hehehehe....

  The reason for the sizzling is because, as I have learned, of the baking soda I added to the water. Baking soda is an ionic compound, and all ionic compounds conduct electricity. So, that is why, unless you have pure, distilled water running from your tap, it is dangerous for water to be around electricity. The water we have in the tap isn't pure, or distilled, you see, it has some chemicals mixed in it -_-

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