12 September 2012

Ronan ♡

  I first heard about Ronan Thomson when a friend I met in camp posted a picture of him on Instagram. He is the first four-year-old I have seen with those kind of eyes.

Ronan Thomson
  Ronan passed away last year because of Cancer. I wish I knew about him then. How could I not have? His Mom ran a blog too; Rockstar Ronan. How could I not have heard of little Ronan???!!! I could have prayed for him, and I believe that prayers can make miracles if enough people with enough faith pray for something! One person can make a difference and thats ALWAYS true!

  I knew that Swifty had a new song called 'Ronan' before hearing about his sad story and I was like, "Oh, it's about one of her former flames again" and did not  bother myself to listen to it. Songs with stories behind them really change how they are heard. It brought a stream of tears down my cheeks T-T I think I read someone say that it's her best song yet and I have to agree. Proceeds of the song on iTunes go to The Ronan Thomson Foundation.

  Here is Taylor performing 'Ronan' live:

  I think I'm most affected by Ronan's death because he was the same age as my brother is now...

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