29 September 2012


Natural, locally processed milk.
  What a day! Last week we drove all the way to Tugbok, Mintal to buy milk. Yes! Cow's milk :) So far, Kim's Milk Corporation is the only local milk factory we know around here. We are trying to be Locavores now :)
lo-ca-vore \ˈlō-kə-ˌvȯr\ one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible
  The drive to the factory wasn't too long. It was a breezy day and light drizzle rained on us on our way back while we bought Pomelo.

  ...And we passed Teacher Agnes' place

  I'm so glad with this new discovery! I haven't been drinking any milk (excluding tiny servings with other food) for a really long time until Mom found this local brand in the supermarket.

  Well, we weren't allowed to go into the factory but the whole place was really nice. It was clean, the staff was polite and it felt sooo greeeeennn ^_^

  It even comes in Chocolate ♡ 

* * *
Kim's Milk Corporation is located at Km 22. Los Amigos, Tugbok District, Davao City, Philippines. Tel.: (082) 293-16-78

All pics from Instagram...

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