05 September 2012

(Pointe) Shoe Repair

  Months ago at True Value in Abreeza, I spotted a pair of toe pads. They weren't of a ballet brand but they looked exactly like them! I wanted to get the pair and there but Mom advised me to come back when I had my pointes with me. So yesterday, you can guess that I did just that. Unfortunately for me, True Value ran out of stocks! Apparently, I'm not alone with this discovery -_- I found an alternative, though;

Corn Wraps. 

  Corns, also called Hyperkeratosis, are hardened skin caused by pressure. This can lead to deformities like hammer toes... Here is a photo of my foot from last year; an example of Hammer toes :(

  The Corn Wraps I got at True Value cost P 250 for three pieces. Washable and reusable, I plan to put them in a small pouch [shown above] before tipping into the washing machine.  

* * *

  Last Wednesday, at pointe class, we were doing pique pasés from one end of the room to the other. Teacher Agnes went up to me when I had a dangerous slip on my first attempt. "Look at your pointe shoes, you have to do something about them" she said to me. The satin on the back part of the platform had rubbed off, exposing the slippery cloth-and-glue layer.

'Dead' pointe shoes...
  Here yea, here yea! I have done something about it! I had to find a way to cover the slippery area and remembered Gaynor Minden's Sued Tips. They don't sell them separate form the shoes though so that was out of the question. Another choice was Moleskin. I couldn't find any.

 Now here comes the option I went for where you have to put aside your sentiments; cutting your old ballet flats. I glued and darned the edges of the cutouts to the platform like I have read of so many dancers doing. It isn't as hard as I thought.

 I oh so love tinkering with my pointes! 

  Last week, I think it was Saturday, Nina let me try on her Gaynor Mindens. They were so soft, not at all like pointe shoes. I was sold. My next pair will be Gaynors. "No wonder I feel so tired after pointe class," I thought 'these these GM's are pain-less!"

  Any how, wish me luck with tonight's pointe class. hopefully I have adjusted to the fatigue and pain... Maybe because I'm skipping my iron supplement?

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  1. hello! :) i'm not sure if you'll be able to read this since this post was made 2 years ago. As you can see, I am back-reading your blog. Anyway, I think you can try putting masking tape on the tips of your pointes. It's very cheap yet truly effective :))) It's what I do and I've been dancing everywhere --- the theater stage, cinemas (during grand fans day), fashion show, and just recently, during Michael Martinez' grand fans day in which the stage was glass-like/plastic. And it wasn't really slippery. I didn't slipped or anything and my pointe shoes are ancient! Bought them years ago. So yeah, i think you can try the masking taper trick. hehe :3

    xoxo, rae