24 September 2012

Private Concerts

  My sister Ashley performed in her first 'concert' last Sunday. Her teacher, Teacher Chrissie, asked us if we could drive to Tagum (about an hour from Davao City Proper) for a small gathering organized by a British string instrument instructor living there.

  Other students also came to perform. Four others from the Agdao Violin Institute, also teacher Chrissie's students, and students from the Tagum Junior Symphony Orchestra.

  Here are Teacher Chrissie's students from AVI:

  My sister Ashley performing Humoresque by A. Dvorak:

  Here is the Tagum JSO:

In the end, everyone got together;

The Musicians:

  * * *
  I haven't been very devoted to blogging lately. My chemistry set arrived last week so my whole mornings are taken up with academics. 

  Well, according to "Blogging For Bliss", if you don't feel like blogging you don't have to force yourself :) I think I've overloaded this blog with a lot of useless stuff so this little break of inconsistency might be good :D

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