09 August 2011

Guy Problems

  Ok, so, this guy tells my friend Pat, that he's not joining our dance crew unless we have Poreotics and Quest Crew choreography! He also says hes not joining Jazz because its too "Ballet for him."
  Really, I wanna say:
  "WTH!!! Is he BRIBING us? Does he think we need him?! Whats wrong with my choreo? Fine you can baby freeze, I can't... have you  even seen what Jazz really IS? Huh?!"
  But, yeah, people like that turn up, I shouldn't be too harsh or affected... Boys :P LOL.
  I still got a lot of people hesitant about Jazz and I have this feeling that their not really into my class or they think I don't know what I'm doing. For example, We specifically stated, in the letter, that boys should wear proper attire. Jogging pants, basketball shorts, etc. The boys come into class wearing jeans. But it was only the first class so, I didn't say much. But how come on the first day of Tchoukball, they came in proper attire?
  I feel tested... If they were testing us, I hope we impressed them and showed them that WE KNOW WHAT WERE DOING, AND THEY STAY IN THE DANCE CLUB!!!

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