27 August 2011

My "Essay" on Ballet

  I was going to make a To Do list yesterday when I came across a page on my notebook. It said Essay on Ballet and I quickly remembered that before going to my first ballet class, Mom made me wright an essay for my reason.
  This is what I wrote:

"I want to do Ballet because it looks interesting. I'd like to try it and it also looks fun. I like to dance too. The reason I chose ballet is because I like seeing people dance it. I know some things aren't as easy as they look but I will exert myself at this one :D. With the aim of going to a recital."
  I was around 11 at that time, I think, and the very next day I called Locsin's and inquired about the classes. I was in Ballet level 2.
  Just a though: I wish there was a ballet/dance/arts museum here. What memorabilia would be displayed there?....

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