29 August 2011

Bananas After Ballet Class

O_O This just makes my mouth WATER!!!
If only the ice cream were chocolate :P
    It was Saturday and my sister and I went to ballet... After class my teacher was calling someone to get a banana because one of my classmates hadn't eaten any breakfast yet. "Very powerful, bananas." she said.  When I got home I ate one, remembering what she said. Yeah, their high in Potassium, I think, or was that something else... :P Oh well, I'll try to eat one everyday. I remember before, when my mom suffered from this Vertigo thingy, the doctor told her to eat bananas. :D

  Hahaha, just now I thought of Banana Split, mmm, Yum! I bet I'm making you hungry :P speaking of which, I've been feeling very hungry this weekend. I guess its because of my semi vegetarian diet. You see, for the past two weeks, the lunch I've been taking to school is just salad. Sometimes a little fish or chicken in it, so I have had virtually NO meat since my birthday.

  Last night, Dad bought chicken barbecue and, man, I ate like a pig!

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