13 June 2011

My Inspiration

  If you ask my friends if I have a boyfriend, they would say yes. I've been in love with my Pointe shoes ever since my mom bought them. Well, at least my first pair. They were Capezio, size 4 and a half, width E. I used to tie them around my neck after class, airing them out while waiting for Mom or Dad to pick me up. My friends fondly saying, as they passed "Amber, your with your boyfriends again?" and me, replying, "Yes, and they hurt me very much."

  I wanted to dance after I watched "Ballet Shoes" starring Lucy Boynton. At first I was hesitant to ask my mom to enroll me in a class because I thought I was too old to start. I was around 11 at that time. I finally had the guts to just go for it and Mom enrolled me in a well known ballet school here in Davao; Locsins Dance Workshop.

  I went to class two times a week with my sister. I always looked forward to class and made sure I was never late. Though, of course there were times when I had to be. What ever problem I had that day could be solved by a Ballet class. I remember having a stomach ache one day. But the moment I put my hands on the barre, all the pain I had felt that afternoon was gone!

  Only a few months after starting ballet, my mom gave birth to my little brother making me and my sister stop dancing. We started ballet again, after that, but in a different school. A year later I became a scholar in LCB Performing Arts Center and took classes in Jazz, Tap, and Hip hop, as well as Ballet.
  I have come so far from where I started. I would never be where I am, or know what I know now
if not for her:
Lucy Boynton

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